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See my latest publication in Sales Initiative: Bob Junke spells out true meaning of sales enablement. Think you have sales enablement sussed? Sales expert Bob Junke, of Adventace offers the ‘true’ meaning of sales enablement – and how to make it a success.

Bob Junke

Bob Junke

Founder & CEO

Bob Junke is the Founder and CEO of Adventace®. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Create the High Performance Sales Environment® and creator of the Adventace Sales Management System™, a Salesforce-based application that enables a high-performance sales environment. You can learn more about him at Bob’s Bio, and reach him directly at bob.junke@adventace.com or +1 724-443-2383.

Recently the Sales Enablement Society (“SES”) asked me to define sales enablement. I took on this task very seriously because I believe that it should serve as a beacon, identifying what we need to do to make sales enablement successful. So in this podcast I will define sales enablement and identify the six key infrastructure factors to consider, then discuss each.