We have completed the redevelopment of our Salesforce.com based sales management application. It automates our entire holistic methodology, providing significant functionality for Sales Executives, Sales Managers, and Sellers.

We have begun demonstrating SMS. Here are comments from Salesforce AE’s:

“This may be the most important application on our AppExchange.”
“Salespeople are going to want to use SMS. It is such a sales differentiator.
“This provides everything Sales Managers and Sales Executives need. Awesome.”

Now we are completing three significant objectives with Salesforce.com:

  1. Making SMS a Managed Application: This will allow us to provide important services to our clients, such as pushing out application updates.
  2. Completing the Salesforce Application Security Review: This is a rigorous review process conducted by Salesforce.com to ensure that applications published on the Salesforce AppExchange follow industry best practices for security, which is great for everyone!
  3. Making SMS Available to Trial: Using Salesforce.com’s Trialforce platform, you will soon be able to download and trial SMS. ​

In the meantime, if you’d like to see the extensive capabilities of SMS you can take a look at our 5-minute SMS Video. If you’d like to take a “deeper dive”, contact Bob Junke at +1 724-443-2383 or bob.junke@adventace.com to arrange a demonstration.