One key reason for OpinionLab’s success was our ability to fill the funnel and add 9 to 12 new logos each quarter in addition to having specific plans to penetrate existing accounts. In the last three and a half years our sales team added 137 significant new logos.

Jim Suszka

Vice President of Sales, OpinionLab


To grow its market share, OpinionLab needed to acquire many more new customers and penetrate their existing accounts in the rapidly expanding “Voice of the Customer” market.  To accomplish this, Jim’s team needed to be able to:

  • Enhance their prospecting and lead generation capabilities,
  • Develop needs with buyers “above the power line,” particularly in complex buying committee sales, and
  • The ability to better define, manage, qualify, and control their sales cycles.



We provided Jim’s sales team with our Visionary Selling program, which was fully customized with sales enablement tools so that role-plays, case work, and other activities were as real-world as possible and aligned with OpinionLab’s markets, buyers and their needs, and OpinionLab’s capabilities.  The sales enablement tools were also an invaluable component to help reinforce the training and support sales people when they were in the field executing sales.  We provided Jim and his sales management team with our High Performance Sales Management program.

Key skills provided to Jim’s sales team included:

  • Proactive identification of potential opportunities with key prospects
  • How to prospect to “above the power line” buyers and handle various prospecting situations,
  • Social selling,
  • Developing needs in complex situations (when you are first in, when you are not first in, measuring the scope of the problem and the value of the capabilities, and more),
  • Qualifying buyers during sales calls,
  • If the buyer is not at the appropriate power level, negotiating access to power,
  • The ability to better define, manage, qualify, and control their sales cycles,
  • Managing and controlling the committee sale, and
  • Negotiating and closing deals.


OpinionLab's Visionary Selling Methodology

OpinionLab’s Visionary Selling Methodology

OpinionLab's High Performance Sales Management Program

OpinionLab’s High Performance Sales Management Program

Sales managers were provided with High Performance Sales Management to help them:

  • Better assess opportunities with the objective of detecting and overcoming gaps or problems on those opportunities early, along with better opportunity management,
  • Determine their sellers’ ideal pipelines and then help them alleviate shortcomings and imbalances in order to achieve continuous pipeline balance,
  • Use of predictive metrics to drive continuous performance improvement, and
  • Develop a seller’s skills to achieve metric-based performance improvement.

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