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Change Management

Change Management Challenges

“When we reached the end of the quarter my sales people reverted back to Neanderthal selling.”

“Our last investment in sales training was a failure.  We need to do it again but how can I make this one a success?

“My managers and VP expect us to change our ways of selling, but they haven’t changed at all and we need better support.” 

Many executives have personally witnessed failed attempts at improving the performance of a sales operation. Organizational change is difficult.  The most common reason is the failure to address critical change management issues in a post-training environment.  Change for most people is quite difficult, whether it is at the personal or organizational level.  People have to confront bad habits, adapt to better procedures in the field, and even dramatically change the ways they deal with buyers.

We Will Help You Achieve Success Through Managing Change


We define Change Management as a structured approach to help individuals, teams, and the organization transition from their current state to the desired future state: To Create the High Performance Sales Environment®. As such, our Change Management program and related services are the third component of the Adventace System.

Our services focus on helping the management team “operationalize” the processes and tools they were provided.  Sales Management is they key because if they are executing improved management practices, then they will help their sales people achieve long term, metric-based performance improvement.

Change Management Programs

Our Change Management services include:

Operations Reviews

The Operations Review ensures that successful habits are being driven top-down through all levels of the organization. We help management through a structured method of analyzing actual field data, including:

  • Opportunities (Promoter Letters, Power Promoter Letters, Action Plans),
  • Pipeline Balance, using the Pipeline Balance Algorithm,
  • Metrics such as the A/B Ratio,
  • Skill development, through review of Skill Analyzers and Personal Development Plans, etc).

The reviews are conducted through a series of structured webinars and on-site reviews.


We are highly experienced in coaching sales managers, typically in a 1-to-1 environment. A broad range of topics can be covered to address specific needs of a manager. They typically include:

  • Transition issues and dealing with personal change,
  • Dealing with difficult employee situations,
  • Designing plans to help managers help their sellers achieve pipeline balance and develop skills,
  • Winning difficult opportunities,
  • Compensation planning, and more.


Blog and Help Videos

Incidentally, our Blog and Help Videos page are dedicated to helping managers resolve a wide range of issues.


By Creating the High Performance Sales Environment® our clients are able to:

  • Better drive the sales operation top-down using leading, surgical performance sales metrics
  • Have an accurate objective view into the sales pipeline
  • Improve the accuracy of sales forecasting
  • Assess and develop critical skills for Sales Managers, Channel Managers, and Sellers
  • Transition from product providers to solution providers
  • Reduce the time-to-first-sale
  • Shorten sell-cycles
  • Improve profit margins through more effective selling, and
  • Improve internal resource coordination and control.
“I finally know how to effectively coach my sales people.  I feel empowered to help develop their skills, balance their pipelines, and better manage and qualify their opportunities.”

“Thanks to your Opportunity Assessment we won two major deals in under six weeks that had been stalled for over 12 months.  The keys were actually negotiating for access to power and putting the appropriate Action Plans together.”

“I had been ‘winging it’ my entire career as a sales manager.  But following this system has resulted in my VP telling me that I am ten times more effective.” 


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values