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High Performance Channel Management

This specially designed program focuses on helping Channel Managers resolve some of the most challenging issues related to channel management through provision of the “Four Pillars of Channel Management”™:


Four Pillars of Channel Management

Description of the Four Pillars of Channel Management

1. Territory Portfolio Optimization: Channel Managers learn how to quickly and consistently assess new and existing partners using a common “Partner Rating System”. They will analyze existing and new partners, and conduct a GAP Analysis based on key metrics, to quickly react to risk in their channel plans.

2. Partner Engagement and Recruiting: Channel Managers learn how to target and qualify the right new partners, as well as determine the best existing partners to focus on. They will also learn how to utilize a Value Proposition to convince the best partners to join or, for existing partners, to make commitments that will result in greater success.

3. Partner Management: Channel Managers will learn how to gain commitment from Partner executives regarding specific goals, strategies and activities designed to drive revenue. They will learn management techniques to keep partner owners and executives on a successful track, and how to identify partners falling off track.

4. Tactical Field Management: Channel Managers are shown how to most effectively engage and leverage the direct sales team. Channel Executives will learn a proven methodology to assess a Channel Manager’s skills. They are provided with proactive, measurable development plans to improve those skills.


  • Provide Channel Managers with a “best practice” approach to optimize their portfolio of partners and drive consistent channel revenue growth
  • Utilize a Partner assessment tool to measure characteristics of high performing Partners, and identify specific gaps preventing optimal performance
  • Improve the recruitment and re-engagement process of high quality partners, using a Partner Value Proposition
  • Help Channel Managers to gain Partner commitments regarding the execution of a Partner Success Plan designed to strengthen the relationship and drive incremental revenue
  • Develop higher quality Partners able to productively engage with Territory Sales Teams
  • Provide Executives with a proven system to better assess, develop, and manage their Channel Managers.

Post-Workshop Channel Executive Coaching

Channel Executives will receive post-workshop coaching sessions to insure they reinforce and help Channel Managers adhere to the new skills and processes learned during this workshop.

Typical Audience

Channel Managers.

Your program and materials are terrific and I recommend any manager in Channel Sales to take advantage of the program.

Phil Drachman

Director of Partner Sales and Business Development, Maxxan Systems


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values