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High Performance Sales Management


We provide Sales Managers with The Four Pillars of Sales Management.  The purpose of the Four Pillars is to better enable Sales to become the best sales coaches they can possibly be!  It will also help more effectively run their sales operation.  The Four Pillars of Sales Management are shown below.



Four Pillars of Sales Management™

Description of the Four Pillars of Sales Management™

1. Opportunity Assessment and Management. Utilizing a set of management tools, managers are shown how to easily identify and resolve problem areas on opportunities early in the sell cycle, and then develop remedial actions. The process helps managers maximize the probability of winning opportunities, disqualify “loser” opportunities early, and prevent late sell cycle losses. The results are increased win rates and reduced cost of sales pursuit.


2. Pipeline Balance & Management. The workshop provides managers with the means to analyze pipeline information and devise surgical action plans to help sellers achieve continuous pipeline balance. By analyzing quantity, quality, and overall balance of the pipeline, managers can drive consistent and growing financial performance and develop accurate forecasts.
3. People Development. Managers are shown how to quickly and proactively determine if a sales person is experiencing a selling difficulty that could affect their sales performance and how to then develop highly specific, tailored plans to help them measurably improve their performance in that skill. Those skills could include account planning, prospecting, account penetration, need development, qualification, sell cycle control, negotiating, closing and account management.
4. Continuous Improvement. The workshop provides several direct and unambiguous measures that will enhance a manager’s understanding of how the operation and individuals are performing. This enables them to make critical adjustments that will upgrade sales performance on a continuous basis.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the High Performance Sales Management Workshop are to help Sales Managers effectively:

  • Understand the selling skills that make up successful sales people
  • Understand how to create a “High Performance Sales Environment”, where they can confidently achieve their growth objectives, achieve predictable results, help their sellers measurably and in a sustained manner improve their performance
  • Determine very early in a sell cycle where an opportunity could have problems and then help the seller rectify the problem(s)
  • Qualify/disqualify opportunities early in the sell cycle and on a continuous basis
  • Help their sellers build and maintain balanced sales pipelines
  • Determine the selling skills impacting a sales persons performance and long-term potential
  • Design “surgical” action plans to help sellers overcome selling difficulties
  • Measure performance improvement
  • Understand how to effectively run periodic sales operations reviews to create the long-term, highly effective sales culture they want.
  • Using an Action Plan for Sell Cycle control, continuous qualification and rapid closure
  • Opportunity Qualification and Resource Planning
  • How to prove capabilities in the services/solutions business
  • Fee based consulting events
  • Helping clients achieve measurable results
  • Significance of proposals and proposal discussions with clients

Sales Managers will also understand how to succeed at the critical next step:  Deploying High Performance Sales Management in the field to help their sales people and run a more effective operation.

Typical Audience

First and second line Sales Managers.

We launched Adventace’s Selling Complex Solutions along with High Performance Sales Management. Our accomplishments have been extraordinary. In less than one year we achieved the following results:

  • Our largest contract award size nearly quadrupled
  • Average contract size nearly doubled
  • 78% of my sellers achieved quota
  • New license sales grew by 91%
  • We finished the first quarter of our new fiscal year at 143% of plan, and
  • My sellers are now comfortable calling two levels higher.

Thanks Adventace!” Ronald Put

Vice President North America Sales, Aldon Computer Group


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values