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Can You Increase Sales 647% While Competing Against the 800 Pound Gorilla?

Yes!  Our clients have.  They’ve also improved their predictive metrics by 975%, pipelines by 575%, and average contract values by 925%.  And you can too if you Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.

What is a High Performance Sales Environment?

High Performance Sales Environment®  is one where the conditions conducive to a successful sales culture have been put in place, which results in predictable, continuous, metric-based performance improvement. There are seven conditions, or building blocks, designed to better enable salespeople, sales managers, and sales executives.


See Bob Junke’s Interview on Selling Power TV!

Bob Junke, Founder & CEO, is interviewed by Selling Power’s CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner.  The topic is The Seven Conditions to Create a High Performance Sales Environment.

Our Two Solutions to Help You

Create the High Performance Sales Environment® 


The Adventace Learning Management System™ (“LMS”) is our comprehensive sales and sales management methodology, provided through an online training environment.

The Adventace Sales Management System™ (“SMS”) is our award-winning Salesforce-based application.  It automates sales and sales management processes, tools, and metrics. 

Create the High Performance Sales Environment®

The Adventace Learning Management System™ is comprised of training and consulting programs specifically targeted to the needs of sales professionals, sales managers, and sales executives, providing them with the distinct processes, skills, and tools they need to achieve measurable performance improvement.

Adventace Sales Management System: Where Methodology Meets Automation®

The Adventace Sales Management System™ is our award-winning Salesforce application, proven to increase revenues and reduce the cost of sales.  SMS accomplishes this by automating your sales and sales management methodology, thus better enabling sales professionals, sales managers, and sales executives.

We Enable Sales Executives, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals

We Help Sales Executives Create a Proactive Sales Culture, A Key Aspect of Sales Enablement

Sales Executives

Adventace Methods™ will help you Create the High Performance Sales Environment®. Use future-predicting performance metrics to help you identify problems today that will impact tomorrow’s results, and proactively utilize proven sales enablement processes and tools to rectify them. Confidently achieve your sales objectives while helping your sales managers and sales people measurably improve their performance.  And our proven change management process will help you create a proactive sales culture based on continuous performance improvement.

We Empower Sales Managers with the 4 Pillars of Sales Management, Key Aspects of Sales Enablement

Sales Management

The Four Pillars of Sales Management™ will result in high performance sales coaching so that your sales people become “sales eagles.”  Help them achieve continuous sales pipeline balance, instead of the “roller coaster ride” impacting most.  Use proven sales process to develop their skills and unlock their full potential.  Assess opportunities early, identify and fix gaps, and shorten sales cycle time.   Use performance metrics to achieve long-term performance improvement.  Become a sales enablement expert!

We Help Empower Sellers with Targeted Sales Programs, Key Aspects of Sales Enablement

Sales Professionals

Adventace Methods™ (“AM”) is a comprehensive sales process and sales enablement methodology.  If your sales team needs help with sales skills, AM will provide them with with a complete and repeatable set of selling skills: Social networking and social selling skills, prospecting, need development, sales qualification, negotiating, sales cycle management and control, and closing.  But AM will also provide your sales team with a complete performance management and improvement system to help them balance their sales pipeline and achieve continuous improvement in key performance metrics.



Our Best Selling Sales Management Book

Create the High Performance Sales Environment®

Our book provides Sales Executives and Sales Managers with the systematic approach needed to drive sustained, metric-based performance improvement. Complementing his “how to” analysis, author and Adventace CEO, Bob Junke, interweaves highly relevant, and often humorous real-life experiences, all of which provide important methods about how to Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.