I joined Adventace® initially to support a major delivery requirement sold by another associate. I had known Bob Junke before and liked the way he worked.

After getting to know Adventace® a little better we worked together on a number of opportunities in the UK and across Europe.

These opportunities were initially given to me as products of Adventace’s global marcom efforts. But now I’ve been using my contact base to sell Adventace® services into my own contacts.

I am please to say, with Adventace’s support we’ve won most of the opportunities we’ve gone for.

Included in the catalogue of wins was a major account requiring a team of Associates offering localized support in seven different countries and six different languages.

Geoff Reason

Adventace® Associate, London

Capitalize on Your Sales and Management Expertise

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Break Through!

When we look at the impact we have had on companies around the world and all those salespeople, sales managers, and sales executives, we believe that a career as an Adventace® Associate represents a compelling opportunity.  Joining our global network of associates can help you achieve significant personal growth, the work/life balance you normally can’t have while climbing the corporate ladder, and securing the financial freedom we all aspire to.

So take a look at a career with Adventace®.  If you think its right for you then lets get started!


Our Associates will tell you that there is nothing more rewarding than the impact they have on our customers.  It is due to the holistic approach we take towards helping our clients, backed by our comprehensive methodology, associated CRM, and change management system.  They combine to result in long-term metric-based performance improvement.

This results in significant ROI for our clients and long-term relationships with them for our Associates.  Through our high-quality programs and face-to-face consulting engagements, our Associates build trust with their clients, increase their book of business, and gain referrals.

Associate Training and Ongoing Assistance

We believe that the level of assistance we provide to help you grow and maintain your business is the industry’s Best Practice.  We will help you to rapidly begin selling and building your pipeline.  As you do so, we will help you win the business.  Some of our support activities include role-plays, call preparation, and reviews of sell cycle control letters, along with access to our Knowledge Repository…literally using the processes and tools we provide our clients!

We will also train you to deliver our programs and consulting services for your own personal deliver through our Rapid Onboarding Process.  This includes webinars, training videos, and attending workshops.

As you progress we will also help you with pipeline management.  You can also better manage your efforts with access to our application.

Are You an Ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate should:

  • Be passionate about sales
  • Love training and consulting
  • Be willing to take on the risks of being an entrepreneur
  • Want both the rewards you’ll reap by having a significant impact on your clients and the resulting income
  • Have at least 10 years experience in sales and sales management
  • Understand that it can take 4-6 months to build a book of business.

Want to Get Started?  Then contact us!

We measure our success by the measurable results our clients achieve.  In our business, the most successful people are able to show clients how we can help them solve problems, then deliver and effectively manage an implementation. We have programs to help our licensees in all of these areas.

Bob Junke

Founder & CEO, Adventace®