Benefits of Online Learning

Learning more, retaining more, and learning

at your own pace are only some of the benefits

Why Adventace LMS Online Methodology?

The results are in!  Here are the benefits of online training:


    Sample Video from Online Selling Point Solutions Course

    Global Success

    SolidWorks needed a way to have their 2,000 Value-Added Reseller (“VAR”) salespeople trained to sell their software engineering products more effectively.  Further, they needed the training to be provided in 11 languages.

    To save investment dollars and minimize time out of the field, SolidWorks wanted a “blended learning” approach, where as much of the training as possible would be provided online.  

    Because this sales team was accustomed to selling products as “stand-alones” our initial training focused on helping them sell more effectively to individual departs in a point solution environment.  As you can see from the table below, by providing our Selling Point Solutions program, training across their four key products increased from 200% to 288%! 

    With the success of Selling Point Solutions, SolidWorks then asked us to help the sales team sell all four products, but now in an integrated cross-departmental sale because the sales would be significantly larger.  A major challenge now was selling to much broader buying committees.  Another challenge was selling against a very different set of entrenched competitors.  We therefore provided our Selling Complex Solutions programs.  Here, again as shown in the table, the sales improvements ranged from 375% to a whopping 647%!  

    These metrics, including as high as a 647% increase in sales, are quite compelling, and reveal the value of and retention from the certification programs.

    Lutz Feldmann

    Worldwide Sales Certification Program Manager, SolidWorks


    I have used Selling Solutions at three different companies, and each time the results significantly outpaced the expense.  The online classes are easy to understand and provided each participant with the freedom to go at their own pace, practice, and go back if something needed additional attention. It also provided the team with common nomenclature. It is easier to have group discussions when everyone understands and embraces critical terminology. It is without question worth the investment. 

    Chris Reid

    Executive Sales Leader

    Selling Solutions has paid for itself many times!  I’ve taken many sales training classes.  Not only was Selling Solutions the best course that I’ve ever taken, but the online learning environment was exceptional.  I watched videos, practiced, and learned on my time and at my pace.  I really appreciated being able to go back and listen to what the instructor said as many times as I wanted.  I absorbed – and applied – so much.

    Toni Hill

    CEO, Exceptional Designs

    Online Training

    Our online training courses offer many benefits.  You can learn up to 5X more, achieve higher retention, and learn at your own pace.

    Instructor Lead Training

    Our courses can also be provided in a "blended" fashion, which combines online with instructor-lead training, or instructor-lead workshops.

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