High Performance Sales Management

The Five Pillars of Sales Management will help you become the excellent coach you were destined to be!

Sales Manager Challenges

I struggle to be a more effective coach

Being a highly successful Sales Professional has not translated to being a highly successful Sales Manager 

Our revenue stream looks like a roller coaster

My Sellers seem to have the same skill deficiencies today that they had 6 or 9 months ago

Five Pillars of Sales Management

We provide Sales Managers with The Five Pillars of Sales Management.  The purpose is to enable Sales Managers to become the best sales coaches they can possibly be, and to help them run their sales operations more effectively.

1. Opportunity Assessment & Management

Get opportunities on-track early:

  • Compare opportunities against six key qualifiers
  • Based on the six qualifiers, quickly identify where gaps/problems exist 
  • Develop surgical remedies for seller to pursue to get opportunity on-track
  • Accurately grade the opportunity’s stage.

2. Pipeline Balance & Management

Achieve pipeline balance 24 x 7 x 365:

  • Eliminate the revenue “roller-coaster ride”
  • Balance pipelines so that when a month ends, all sellers go into the start of every new month with balanced pipelines
  • Foundation for highly accurate forecasts

3. Predictive Metrics

Identify & resolve performance issues early, before they impact results:

  • Predictive metrics provide critical insight at any level of the sales organization
  • Leads to measurable and sustainable performance improvement
  • Align compensation plans to maximize results

4. Seller Skill Development

Proactive Coaching:

  • First 3 Pillars provide managers with crystal-clear picture of a seller’s difficulties
  • Assign accurate capability levels across nine key selling skills
  • Utilize surgical development plans to achieve measurable performance improvement
  • Create Sales Eagles

5. Field Adoption

Field Adoption ensure that sales managers immediately apply training to real-world opportunities, pipelines, and seller skill development:

  • Very often results in immediate turnaround and wins on once stagnant opportunities
  • Ensures long-term effective coaching
  • In turn, ensures long-term metric-based performance improvement by sales professionals

Note: All Five Pillars are completely automated in our Salesforce-based application, the Adventace Sales Management System (Adventace SMS).


Adventace helped me and my management team apply the training to real-world opportunities, pipelines, and salespeople.  This was invaluable in helping us take ownership, which resulted in immediate performance improvement.

Adventace was the aspirin to a bad headache.

  • Entire organization doubled revenue in 1 year
  • Won major deals that had been stagnant for over a year
  • Inside Sales revenues doubled in < 1 year
  • No staff outside of Sales Management team necessary
  • Had previously invested in 5 other methods
Robert Corcoran

Vice President of Sales, IT Services

We launched Adventace’s Selling Complex Solutions along with High Performance Sales Management. Our accomplishments have been extraordinary. In less than one year we achieved the following results:

  • Our largest contract award size nearly quadrupled
  • Average contract size nearly doubled
  • 78% of my sellers achieved quota
  • New license sales grew by 91%
  • We finished the first quarter of our new fiscal year at 143% of plan, and
  • My sellers are now comfortable calling two levels higher.

Thanks Adventace!”

Ronald Put

Vice President North America Sales, Aldon Computer Group

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