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What is Visionary Selling™?

Visionary Selling™ is the new strategy for successful B2B selling. Our research has revealed that there are now two types of buyers that dominate B2B sales. Seller Educated Buyers who need a sales person to help them develop the vision of a solution to the critical business issues impacting them. Internet Educated Buyers who utilize the information readily available on the internet and social media who educate themselves and – independent of a sales person – develop their own vision of a solution to the critical business issues impacting them.

Visionary Selling is the proven strategy to help B2B sales person successfully determine whether their buyers are Seller Educated vs. Internet Educated, and then utilize the different processes to then sell to each.


What You Will Learn

Here’s what you’ll learn in Visionary Selling:

  • The buying journey followed by Seller Educated and Internet Educated buyers.
  • Methods to determine which category a buyer is in.
  • How to stay aligned with Seller Educated and Internet Educated buyers throughout their buying journey, and avoid the pitfalls of many sellers.
  • The specific set of processes the seller should follow to successfully engage each type of buyer, from initial contact through closing and opportunity.
  • How to provide insight to each type of buyer, with emphasis on overcoming the challenges of the buying committee sale.
  • How to utilize proven advanced social selling techniques to build lasting relationships with each buyer type.

Watch the Visionary Selling™ Video

See how Visionary Selling™, the new strategy for successful B2B sales, will help you successfully sell to the two predominant types of B2B buyers. Each type has very different needs, and desires a very different relationship with sales people.  Consequently each requires execution of very different sales processes.

Become a Visionary Seller!

Differentiate yourself by adding value to every interaction you have with your buyers!  Learn how to build a vision of how your buyer can run their business better, and show them the value they can expect to achieve.

We were able to turn a loss into a $20M win with our largest customer.
Dan Smith

Vice President, Financial Services, TransUnion

I don’t make a sales call unless the seller provides an Impact Tree™.
Robert Blatt

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, MomentFeed

Customers tell us, “You understand our business better than we do.”
Don O'Brien

Vice President of Sales, IT Services

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