Our Approach

We do not do “cookie cutter.”  Your sales operation is unique.  Our approach is to therefore understand your needs and apply our extensive intellectual property to fully customize a program to ensure your long-term measurable success.

account-team-planning-sEach of our clients has a unique set of needs driven by an array of factors affecting them in the marketplace.  They include items such as position in the maret, product

differentiators, maturity of salesforce, culture set by sales and non-sales executives, impact of regulations, complexity of solutions, etc.  Further, those factors can change dramatically over time.  We therefore regard every client engagement as unique and requiring the provision of programs that perfectly fits their needs, over the short and long term.  We never approach an engagement with a “one size fits all” mentality. In fact, we do the opposite.  To ensure that we maximize the results our clients achieve we follow the Adventace Continuous Improvement Methodology.


When we launch a client engagement we gain a deep understanding of their industry, buyers, the issues confronting those buyers, and the products, services, and solutions they provide. We also gain a deep understanding of their sales operation, addressing factors such as how they go to market today, the buyers and messaging they target, how sellers sell to their buyers, how managers manage their people and operation, etc.  We do so by following the steps outlined below:

  • Understand and define a baseline of today’s sales operation
  • Build a blueprint of a vision for the future
  • Determine gaps between today’s baseline and tomorrow’s vision
  • Using our broad, deep, holistic methodology as the foundation, we design the appropriate programs, which include the processes and tools they need, and
  • Provide a logical road map to achieve that vision.



Initial program design leads to delivery. We obtain significant input related to program fine-tuning from post-workshop feedback forms (metric and descriptive based), online student surveys, and from our instructors.


We assess programs based on two critical inputs:

  • The delivery inputs described above
  • Field performance, based on direct input from managers and unambiguous performance metrics.

We use these inputs to fine tune programs.  Updates are then quickly deployed.



Our Vision is to be recognized as the preeminent sales and sales operations consulting firm in the world based on the measurable impact we have on our clients. We strive to be considered to be the company with the most comprehensive and innovative intellectual property in our industry, along with the most powerful network of associates. We continually enhance our offerings to ensure an increasing positive impact on our clients’ success.

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