Social Selling & Prospecting


The purpose of the Adventace Social Selling and Prospecting workshop is to help sales people quickly develop highly qualified leads that they then convert into opportunities (which then leads to sales execution).

Sellers first achieve a high level of proficiency in how to conduct and execute a social selling program, and how to convert leads nurtured through social selling into opportunities.

Next sellers learn how to prospect by developing highly targeted messages to potential buyers.  During the workshop they make actual calls to potential buyers.  We have had workshops where the group averaged an appointment rate of over 40%.  (So much for prospecting being dead!)

Social Selling

Why is social selling important?

  • IBM increased their sales by 400% through their inbound social selling program (IBM)
  • 62% of salespeople who do not use social selling miss their quotas (Aberdeen Group)
  • 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers (Forbes)
  • Sellers who use social selling are 3X as likely to achieve their quota (LinkedIn).

Are those mind-blowing metrics enough of an answer?

If your organization has not launched a focused social selling program, in this workshop you will learn three easy-to execute steps to get rolling successfully.

Then we will provide you with seven advanced methods to really get things rolling.

The Four Quadrants of Prospecting

When it comes to prospecting we don’t just leave things at cold calling.  We take a comprehensive look how to generate leads from The Four Quadrants of Prospecting™.  We create the four quadrants by mapping New Contacts and Existing Contacts against Potential Customers (Prospects) and Existing Customers.  That graphical representation is shown below and yields four related but distinctly different methods of prospecting:

  1. Cold calling,
  2. Account Penetration,
  3. Farming, and
  4. Tracking.

Sales people are instructed in how to call on all four prospecting quadrants.

The Four Quadrants of Prospecting

Next, practical adaptations are made to that foundation based on the “Four Quadrants of Prospecting”™, including:

  1. “Warming up” cold calls through proven networking techniques,
  2. Methods to further penetrate existing accounts by gaining access to a broader set of buyers,
  3. Farming to sell more product to existing contacts, and
  4. Opening new account opportunities by tracking buyers who have moved on to new companies.


Lets Get Real

Sellers also learn how to handle a variety of real-world situations that will occur when prospecting, such as handling voice mail, getting receptionists or executive assistants to give them access to the buyers they are targeting, dealing with buyers who say, “No, I am not interested”, and dealing with those who say, “Yes, tell me more” (including setting up an appointment). Exercises, tools, and role-plays provide sales people with the practice required to develop expertise handling these real-world situations. Then, during the workshop, they make calls to actual prospects.

Management & Building a Balanced Pipeline

Sales people are provided with self-management tools to identify the number of new opportunities they must create to build and then continuously balance their pipelines. They also customize a Personal Development Plan to help them continuously refine their prospecting skills and manage their time.

Deliverables include the workshop manual (including exercises and role-plays), as well as an electronic tool kit to help sales people build, deliver, and refine their prospecting scripts and manage their prospecting efforts.

Typical Attendees

The workshop is designed for entry-level sales people or those experienced sellers who wish to take a deeper look at prospecting to help them achieve their goals and better balance their pipelines.

The workshop is fully aligned and integrated with all Adventace sales and sales management workshops.


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values