Our buyer-centric Sales Enablement Tools have been invaluable to our sales team.  We had to better equip them to comfortably call not only on a new set of buyers (business executives instead of IT managers), but make sure they were calling “above the power line.”  Providing these tools through the Adventace Sales Management System™, combined with the sales methodology and coaching from the management team, were just what we needed!

Diane Bauer

Vice President of Sales Operations, Newforma

Sales Enablement

There are seven key ingredients needed to Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.  Sales Enablement is the first!

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is a strategic discipline owned by a cross-section of senior managers designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content at the right time and in the right format, training aligned with that content, and coaching services for salespeople and frontline sales managers along the entire customer’s journey, powered by technology, and managed to performance metrics.

Bob Junke

Founder & CEO

The “Effectiveness Gap”

Based on a recent study by Heinz Marketing, they stated that, “New research shows a massive gap between the importance and effectiveness of sales enablement.”

Our Experience & Approach

Our Sales Enablement experiences are extensive, dating back to the early 1990’s, and we built our sales enablement tools and services in parallel with our efforts to help our clients Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.
The Sales Enablement Gap: Importance vs. Effectiveness

The Big Picture of Sales Enablement


As reflected in our Big Picture of Sales Enablement image shown below, our services help you take a comprehensive view to ensure success.

The Big Picture of Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Services

  • Executive Leadership: Ensuring that the right executives own and guide the efforts.
  • Sales Enablement Manager: Helping you make sure that the program is properly managed.
  • Cross-Functional Team: Normally a team from marketing, sales, product development and potentially other groups, depending on your organization, must be involved to ensure that the content developed is optimal.
  • Training: Whether new hire on-boarding or offering a brand new solution, we will help you make sure your team is ready to go.
  • Coaching:  We will help your sales management team optimize their coaching capabilities to in turn optimize seller performance.
    • Planning: We help you build a project plan, including a review process to ensure the highest of quality.
    • Knowledge Library: We will help you build your Knowledge Library (KL), the online database where information from your experts has been captured, organized, and categorized into highly useful knowledge tools. These tools are designed to help your sales people in every key step of the sales call and sell cycle process, aligned with the “buyer’s journey.”  We will help you make sure that you have the right content in the right format and at the right time! 
    • Metric-Based Results: We help you make sure that you have the right metrics in place to track sales enablement success and, if gaps exist, how to rectify them quickly.

    Automated Sales Enablement Tools

    Sales Enablement Tools

    The automation of Sales Enablement Tools is the “icing on the cake,” ensuring delivery of the right content at the right time in the right format.

    Shown in the image is an email we call a Letter of Understanding.  It is generated in only 2-4 minutes, and is a key Sales Enablement Tool to help a sales person define, manage, qualify, control, and shorten sales cycles, all while differentiating the sales person!

    See the Adventace SMS, our award-winning Salesforce-based application, to see more about how we facilitate Sales Enablement.

    Online Training

    Our online training courses offer many benefits.  You can learn up to 5X more, achieve higher retention, and learn at your own pace.

    Instructor Lead Training

    Our courses can also be provided in a "blended" fashion, which combines online with instructor-lead training, or instructor-lead workshops.

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