Executive Leadership

Create the High Performance Sales Environment®:  A sales culture that is proactive,  metric-driven, and results oriented

The Challenge

“In spite of investments in training and CRM, we continue to miss revenue targets”

For Sales Executives

Imbalanced pipelines and inaccurate forecasts

Decisions based on opinion rather than predictive metrics

CRM provides rear-view mirror look, not predictor of future performance

Lack of consistency and predictability

High turnover of top-quartile performers and low turnover of the bottom-quartile

For Sales Managers

Too often act as sellers instead of proactive coaches

Unable to help sellers achieve pipeline balance

Struggle to impact the skills of their sellers

Ineffective opportunity assessments

Huge quarter-end push to close deals results in giveaways and empty pipelines next quarter

For Sales Professionals

 Too much order-taking or pitching product

Poor development of buyer needs

Opportunities are not properly qualified, which results in staying with losers

Sellers call too low in buyer organizations

Unable to mitigate buyer risk, which results in unanticipated losses late in the sell cycle

Executive Leadership Program

Roadmap to Create the High Performance Sales Environment®


The Path Forward

The key ingredient that puts Sales Executives on the path to Create the High Performance Sales Environment® is the Executive Leadership program.

The Executive Leadership program enables Sales Executives to create a sales culture that yields highly predictable, measurable, and sustainable results.

The results are consistent high-level execution by both sales managers and sales professionals, long-term metric-based performance improvement,  along with increased revenue and reduced cost of sales.


Drive Operation Top-Down & Create Proactive Sales Culture

Determine areas of sub-optimal performance within the sales organization and between sales and other organizations.

Review industry Best in Class practices.

Adopt appropriate Best in Class processes, tools, and metrics.

Preview the Field Adoption program, including discussions about the critical role played by Sales Executives to drive success top-down and demonstrate the top-driven Operations Review process.

Develop a roll-out plan.

We Wrote the Best Seller On It

Our book provides Sales Executives and Sales Managers with the systematic approach needed to drive sustained, metric-based performance improvement to help you Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.




Every Sales Executive has a dream of building a high performance sales environment, culture, and team, yet have no idea how to do it. Your system and book is the only one I've seen that can get them there.

David Kopf

Vice President of Sales

These metrics, including as high as a 647% increase in sales, are quite compelling, and reveal the value of and retention from the certification programs.

Lutz Feldmann

Worldwide Sales Certification Program Manager, SolidWorks

Blending three silos into one Organization and closing the year strong…represented a tremendous challenge. The professionals at Adventace complimented our tremendous work ethic, professionalism and high quality of work. They have been a valuable asset to our sales team.  The sales methodology conveys professionalism in letters of understanding and provides a consistent means to uncover critical business issues that will lead to additional service offerings. Consistent tools help sales managers to work more closely with AE’s in personal development.
Don O'Brien

EVP of Sales, IT Services

Adventace helped me and my management team apply the training to real-world opportunities, pipelines, and salespeople.  This was invaluable in helping us take ownership, which resulted in immediate performance improvement.

Adventace was the aspirin to a bad headache.

  • Entire organization doubled revenue in 1 year
  • Won major deals that had been stagnant for over a year
  • Inside Sales revenues doubled in < 1 year
  • No staff outside of Sales Management team necessary
  • Had previously invested in 5 other methods
Robert Corcoran

Vice President of Sales, IT Services

Bob Junke’s Interview on Selling Power TV

Bob Junke, Adventace Founder & CEO, is interviewed by Selling Power’s CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner.  Here, Bob discusses The Seven Conditions to Create a High Performance Sales Environment and the key role played by Sales Executives.

Online Training

Our online training courses offer many benefits.  You can learn up to 5X more, achieve higher retention, and learn at your own pace.

Instructor Lead Training

Our courses can also be provided in a "blended" fashion, which combines online with instructor-lead training, or instructor-lead workshops.

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