Adventace Sales Management System™ for Sales Enablement

Envision yourself being able to capture, organize, and categorize your content into highly useful knowledge tools designed to help your sales people in every key step of the sales call and sales cycle process.

Capture content that is specific to:

  • The vertical markets you sell to,
  • The buyers, by job function, you sell to in each vertical,
  • The critical business issues each of those buyers have, and
  • The capabilities you have that are needed by those buyers to solve their critical business issues.

From there you can create specific tools, such as Impact Trees™ (see the blog article at Impact Tree™), prospecting scripts and emails, success stories, need development tools, and sequences of events, can be provided.

As the image above shows, now your sales people will be able to better:

  1. Prepare for their sales calls
  2. Conduct successful sales calls
  3. Send buyers a custom email to differentiate themselves and enable them to better manage and control their opportunities. And your sellers are able to send this email in only minutes!  The email is key because:
  • Buyer will be pleased and confident that your sellers will be able to help them,
  • It will put your sellers on the path to becoming trusted advisors,
  • The buyers will use the email as an internal selling vehicle, forwarding it to their colleagues, and
  • Your sellers can use it to better manage, control, and continuously qualify the opportunity.


SMS does this!  SMS has turned Salesforce into a competitive advantage for salespeople.  It revolutionizes the B2B sales interface, and makes utilizing Salesforce a breeze.  Sellers simply make a series of selections and then generates a custom sales cycle control email that summarizes all key need development elements your seller and your buyer discussed, including the critical issue, the causes for it, and the capabilities the buyer needs to resolve their issue.

It also creates and summarizes the sequence of events your seller would have discussed that helps lead the buyer to the 100% confident conclusion that she should buy from you.

It even generate an Impact Tree™, showing the interdependence of the issues between your buyer and other key buyers.  Your seller knows that this will help pave the way for their buyer to give them access to the other key buyers.  It will also help the sales manager, and the sales support team better understand the business issues driving the buyers and contribute toward getting the win faster and more effectively.

Many buyers who receive these emails respond by saying, “You understand our business better than we do!”

These are the indispensable functions Adventace SMS™ provides to help you better enable your sales team.