Blending three silos into one Organization and closing the year strong…represented a tremendous challenge. The professionals at Adventace complimented our tremendous work ethic, professionalism and high quality of work. They have been a valuable asset to our sales team.  Don went on to say: The sales methodology conveys professionalism in letters of understanding and provides a consistent means to uncover critical business issues that will lead to additional service offerings. Consistent tools will allow sales managers to work more closely with AE’s in personal development.

Don O'Brien

EVP of Sales

IT Availability Services Company

Successfully blended 3 silos.  Increased major deal size 20X.  Field Adoption transformed the business.

About Our Client

Our client provides operations support to IT departments that need to ensure business availability and viability by keeping mission critical information and applications up and running.  They are focused on providing responsive and integrated disaster recovery, managed IT services, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions, to help organizations keep people and information connected.

Strategic Objective

Our Client’s strategic objectives were to convert from three “silos” to “one integrated company”.  At the same time, they wished to better position themselves as trusted advisors in their client relationships and achieve highly predictable, measurable, and sustainable performance improvement.

Phased Adventace® Programs

We provided a three phased roll-out program:

  1. Executive and Sales Manager implementation program
  2. Regional sales training programs, and
  3. Post-training Field Adoption reinforcement program, consisting of field operations reviews and one-to-one coaching assistance for Sales Managers.

The purpose of the first phase was to help Sales Executives and Sales Managers better drive the sales operation top-down, and help them better coach their teams with opportunity assessment, pipeline balance and management, forecasting, and skill development.

The purpose of the second phase was to train the nation-wide sales force in our Selling Complex Solutions, because their Sales Professionals have a highly complex sale:

  • Diverse buying committee
  • Complex needs
  • Strategic-level decision
  • Long, multi-step sell cycles
  • Perceived to be expensive

A key challenge was to complete the first and second phases in one month – more than 400 people – aligned with regional kickoff meetings.

The final phase, Field Adoption, was the most important because the objective was to convert training programs in very successful habits in the field, driven top-down by the management team.

Online Training

Our online training courses offer many benefits.  You can learn up to 5X more, achieve higher retention, and learn at your own pace.

Instructor Lead Training

Our courses can also be provided in a "blended" fashion, which combines online with instructor-lead training, or instructor-lead workshops.

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Increase in Major Deal Size


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