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These metrics, including as high as a 647% increase in sales, are quite compelling, and reveal the value of and retention from the certification programs.

Lutz Feldmann

Worldwide Sales Certification Program Manager, SolidWorks

About SolidWorks

SolidWorks, a global software company, provides engineers and design teams with complete, intuitive 3D software solutions that help their clients transform innovation into business success. More than 1,723,900 product designers and engineers, representing 157,100 organizations worldwide, use SolidWorks.


SolidWorks had aggressive growth targets and the added challenge of selling its products through a global network of 450 Value-Added Resellers with over 2,000 sales people in 71 countries.

Adventace Programs

To achieve these targets we worked with Mr. Lutz Feldmann, SolidWorks’ Worldwide Sales Certification Program Manager, to develop and deliver sales certification levels for sales people. Here is a brief description of each:

Level 1 – CSSP (Certified SolidWorks Sales Professional)

  • Adventace Selling Point Solutions program
  • Designed to help sellers improve sales in their ‘core’ marketplace
  • Product know-­how focused on SolidWorks CAD

Level 2 – CSSSP (Certified SolidWorks Solution Sales Professional)


Metric-Based Success!

Provided below is the success that SolidWorks achieved as a result of our programs.

SolidWorks Success:


Increased Sales: Design Product


Increased Sales: Simulation Product


Increased Sales: Engineering Management Product


Increased Sales: Communications Product