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Aldon Computer Group

Ronald Put, Vice President North America Sales

We launched the Adventace® “High Performance Sales Environment” system. Our Executives and my Sales Team were provided with highly targeted programs. Our accomplishments have been extraordinary. In less than one year we achieved the following results:

  • Our largest contract award size nearly quadrupled
  • Average contract size nearly doubled
  • 78% of my sellers achieved quota
  • New license sales grew by 91%
  • We finished the first quarter of our new fiscal year at 143% of plan, and
  • My sellers are now comfortable calling two levels higher.

Thanks Adventace!”

TransUnion LLC

Dan Smith, Vice President Financial Services

The impact of Adventace SMS has been tremendous. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get a complete, accurate view of my entire region.

Sarah Kilburg, Vice President, Financial Services

We have made significant strides and achieved many of our goals by using a formal sales/sales management methodology backed up completely by automation.

Further, we as managers and executives are now able to drive Account Plans around the opportunity level that then translates into pipeline, vs. the traditional customer plan that sits on a shelf. We have greatly improved execution against our account plans with high levels of success in delivering solutions that bring value and return on investment to our clients.

Carolyn Cronin, Regional Vice President, Financial Services

Having a consistent sales methodology has helped us to better align our internal organization to our customer and around our marketplace approach. Our process and sales mentality is now focused on how we can help our customers resolve their Critical Business Issues. This is a refreshing change from the traditional ‘features and benefit’ approach.


TransUnion Settlement Solutions

Albert Leary, Senior Vice President National Sales & Client Services

For the Adventace methodology to truly bear fruit, it had to be supported by automated processes that could be easily adopted by the sales organization and absorbed into the culture of our company. Adventace SMS aligned our SFA and sales processes with the Adventace methodology to create a highly efficient and effective sales culture. This helped transform initial pipeline improvements into increased sales performance.


Newt Parkes, Vice President & General Manager, North America

CTG, Inc. is an Information Technology consulting firm serving Global 200 organizations. Our sales force is undergoing a transition from one with an emphasis on pure technology to one that must focus on selling business solutions. By driving the Adventace® programs, our Account Executives have learned to be more business focused by seeking out clients’ critical business issues and their related causes and aligning CTG’s core capabilities to resolve these issues. The result is a sales force that is perceived by clients and prospects as business partners, not vendors.

Ivan Manestar, Account Executive

I participated in an Opportunity Assessment session conducted by Adventace. Adventace helped us identify problem areas on a critical opportunity, and then helped us rewrite our Letter of Understanding to our Power Promoter. The clarification helped us move quickly through the sell cycle, and resulted in a multi-million dollar win.



Luca Rossettini, Country Manager Southern Europe

We have:

  • Increased forecasting accuracy by at least 30%
  • Reduced wasted time in communication by 50%
  • Ability to measure the progression on the sale process increased significantly thanks to the Letters of Understanding.

I would also like to mention a case history that happened in Italy last month with a new sales rep. This is important because we usually have big problems getting new sales reps productive. In summary:

  • 2 visits,
  • 1 email (Letter of Understanding),
  • 1 demo of the solution when prospect achieved A+ stage,
  • PO within 10 days after the demo.”


Kim Moffatt, Account Development Manager

Great to finally receive training for selling through the channel. Excellent tool.


Internet Security Systems

Peter Stremus, Vice President EMEA Marketing

Achieving increased unassisted sales through the channel is one of the core objectives for Internet Security Systems. Since the channel is a complex mix of one and two tier partners with different degrees of expertise and independence, we need to ensure that both the direct sales touch and the indirect model use the same methodology. The Adventace (management) methodology offers as one of the few in the market this integration between direct and indirect methodology. ISS is now perceived as the only vendor in the security market who has both sales and technical training to optimize the channel’s performance.



Dick Longoria, President

This methodology will allow us to take our sales performance to a whole new level. Our competition will fall further behind.


Maxxan Systems, Inc.

Phil Drachman, Director of Channel Sales

I can honestly say your program gave me insights that I already knew but hadn’t seen presented in such a clear, focused manner before. Your material is terrific and I recommend any manager in Channel Sales to take advantage of the program.”



Martin Russel, Account Manager

Excellent Workshop! Invaluable! A thorough understanding of a company and industry trends will add focus to the opportunity. The Account Management & Planning workshop emphasized the importance of higher-level contacts within the account. Also how CBI’s are linked to causes and multiple contacts was very useful.



Al Leary, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

RedSiren provides a broad and complex range of consulting and managed security services and has acquired several companies over the past 18 months. We engaged Adventace® immediately following our acquisition of a large consulting practice to assist us in the development of an effective and unified sales culture that leverages the value that both consultants and sales professionals bring to the client development process. Adventace® was very important to RedSiren being able to quickly integrate its diverse resources into an effective team that drives business results.


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