Methodology for Sales Executives, Sales Managers & Sales Professionals

Adventace LMS™ is a comprehensive online skills-based sales and sales management methodology.  It provides programs for Sales Executives, Sales Managers, and Sales Professionals.

Sales Executives are able to better drive their entire sales operation top-down using key predictive metrics and associated tools.

Sales Managers are able to become highly effective coaches.

Sales Professionals are able to measurably improve performance for the long-term.

Sales Enablers are able to provide the right content, at the right time, and in the right format.


Programs for Sales Executives


Sales Executive

We specialize in helping sales executives better drive their sales operation from the top-down.

Executive Leadership

We help our clients Create the High Performance Sales Environment®, which is characterized by a proactive sales culture based on continuous metric-driven performance improvement.  We help Sales Executives achieve this through our Executive Leadership program.  It enables executives to better drive their sales operation top-down and achieve optimal results.  

Field Adoption

An opinion shared by many is that without appropriate adoption in the field, the investment in training reaps little reward.  Not only do we share that opinion, but since the early 1990’s we pioneered field adoption.  Therefore, as you strive to move the sales operation forward we will be there with our globally proven Field Adoption process to ensure long-term metric-based results.  

Programs for Sale Managers


Sales Manager

Our sales management programs will help you unlock the potential of your sellers or channel partners and turn them into Eagle performers!

High Performance Sales Management

The purpose of this workshop is to provide Sales Managers with the skills and tools necessary to help them effectively run their sales operation and to achieve long term, measurable performance improvements from their sales people. High Performance Sales Management helps managers by providing them with the skills to successfully execute the “Four Pillars of Sales Management”™

High Performance Channel Management

This specially designed program focuses on helping Channel Managers resolve some of the most challenging issues related to channel management through provision of the “Four Pillars of Channel Management”™, including Portfolio Management, Partner Engagement & Recruiting, Partner Management, and Tactical Field Management.

Sales Execution Programs


Eagle Seller

From account planning through selling complex solutions, we will help you consistently win more.

Selling Point Solutions

The program focuses on key fundamental selling skills, including how to understand and be able to align with buyer behavior, how to prospect in a variety of situations, how to open a sales call, listening and probing skills, how to get a buyer to admit a critical business issue and then turn it into a vision of a solution, understanding the significance of calling “above the power line”, how to qualify, how to get the buyer to agree to the appropriate next steps in sell cycle, how to rapidly progress through a sell cycle, negotiating, and closing.

Selling Complex Solutions

The program provides sellers with the skills necessary to identify a High Probability Opportunity, initiate the opportunity through prospecting/lead generation processes, develop the needs of buyers in situations where they already have a vision of a solution to a problem and also situations where they don’t already have a vision of a solution, plan, manage and control complex sell cycles, deal effectively with often diverse members of buying committees, and manage the opportunity from start to close.

Visionary Selling™

Want to add value to every interaction you have with your buyers?  Learn how to build a vision of how your buyer can run their business better, and show them the value they can expect to achieve.  This will pave the way for you to work with the buyer to refine the vision, prove it, access and gain commitment from other key buyers, and successfully complete your sales cycle!

Specialized Sales Programs


Professionals s

Optimize the management of your territory and accounts, identify opportunities, and create leads!

Prospecting and Social Selling

The purpose of the Adventace Prospecting program is to help sales people quickly build and then maintain their pipelines through utilization of a practical, proven and repeatable set of prospecting processes. Sellers first achieve a strong prospecting foundation by learning how to build, practice, and make actual calls to their prospects during the workshop utilizing a proven set of tools to develop finely tuned highly targeted messages to their buyers, with emphasis on those “Above the Power Line”.

Account Management and Planning (AMP)

Why do sales organizations invest so much time and money developing Account Plans that end up collecting dust on a shelf?  We have found that traditional account planning ends with just that: A plan.  Not well-defined, execution-ready opportunities.  The Adventace Account Management Program (AMP) takes account planning much further.

Sales Enablement Services


Group of Sales Enablement Professionals Deploying Buyer Journey-Sales Process-Sales Enablement Tools

The purpose of our Sales Enablement Services is to help our clients create and deploy end-to-end sales enablement.  We help them integrate their Buyer Journey’s with Sales Process and Sales Enablement Tools.  We also help them help their Sales Team, whether New Hire Training, Territory Planning, Account Planning, Opportunity Identification, Pre-Call Planning, and Opportunity Management.


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values