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Best-Selling Sales Management Book

Create the High Performance Sales Environment®

Our best-selling book provides Sales Executives and Sales Managers with a systematic approach to help them drive sustained, metric-based performance improvement from the top-down.

Adventace Methods™

Top-Down Sales and Sales Management Methodology

Comprehensive methodology enabling sales executives to better drive their sales operation top-down.  Enables sales managers to help their sellers better manage, qualify, and control opportunities, balance seller pipelines, and develop seller skills.  Enables sales people to dramatically improve their ability to conduct sales calls and execute sales cycles.

Podcast Channel: Sales Management...On Steroids!

Sales Management…On Steroids!

Bob has spent over 25 years working with sales managers and sales executives from around the world. He’ll focus on podcast topics intended to help them dramatically boost the performance of their sales people and their entire sales operation.

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Sales Management Effectiveness Advice

Our mission is to help you Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.  To that end we’ll provide you with periodic advice pieces to help you with sales and sales management effectiveness.

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