High Performance Selling Seminar

I have attended many sales training seminars in the past and I have gained more knowledge and confidence from your program than I have in any of the previous ones.

Strategic Account Executive, Agfa HealthCare


March 6-7, 2018. Holiday Inn, 17 W. 350 22nd Street, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, (630) 833-3600


The objective of the 2-Day High Performance Selling Seminar is to provide you with the understanding and ability to execute highly effective sales calls and sales cycles when selling your solutions.  Every prospect/customer interaction is too important to be left to chance, so this workshop will provide you with the framework, strategies, tactics, and tools to help make them more effective and repeatable.


Selling Difficulties We’ll Help You Solve

  • Insufficient levels of prospecting/lead generation
  • Selling to buyers who cannot buy
  • Trying to win sales by “pushing product”
  • Difficulty having business level conversations at the executive level
  • No control, or insight, into the buying process
  • Losing late in the sales cycle
  • Difficulty winning when the competition got in first
  • Pipelines that are out of balance
  • Inaccurate forecasts

Free Copy of Best Selling Book!

If you are one of the first ten people to sign up and then attend the seminar, we will send you a free electronic copy of our best-selling sales management book, Create the High Performance Sales Environment®normally a value of $23.99.

Create the High Performance Sales Environment®

Capabilities We Will Provide You With

The foundation of this seminar is a research-based model on how buyers buy.  With that background you will learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition by HOW you sell, and how to better align yourself with your buyers from initial contact through closing.  With that model we will provide capabilities to help you conduct better sales calls and execute better sales cycles.


Sales Call Capabilities

Focus is put on the processes/steps required to complete a successful solutions-based sales call. Specifically, you will learn a comprehensive set of sales call processes:

  • Opportunity identification. Taking the proactive steps necessary to identify where real opportunities exist in an account in order to ‘get in first’
  • Prospecting/Account penetration to initiate real opportunities
  • Using Social Selling to improve your visibility in the market and nurture leads to generate business
  • Need development. Getting a buyer to admit a critical business issue and then developing a solution that differentiates you from your competitors
  • Qualification/disqualification at the sales call and sell cycle levels. Gaining rapid access to key decision makers and defining the steps leading to a buying decision
  • Overcoming situations where the competition got in first
  • Negotiationg throughout the sales process to avoid having to discount at the end to get the order.


Sales Cycle Capabilities

You will also learn how to define, manage, qualify, and control your sales cycles. Key topics include:

  • Aligning our selling behavior with our buyers
  • Identifying and accessing buyers with the power and ability to buy
  • Objectively qualifying opportunities throughout the selling process (identify, and disqualify, loser opportunities early)
  • Using sell cycle control emails with “power” to help control the opportunity
  • The significance of developing an ‘Action Plan’ with a buyer to help ensure that each activity advances the sale toward closure
  • Establishing value for your solution in the mind of the buyer
  • The importance of the timing and positioning of proposals
  • Negotiating for things you want, and avoiding price concessions, in order to create a win-win situations
  • How to “pull it all together” to make closing the sale a non-event

What you will take with you:

  • High Performance Selling Manual
  • Electronic templates to construct custom sales call and sell cycle sales tools
  • Follow-up phone consulting support for four weeks following Seminar



Investment: $1,350.00/person

To request an invoice please contact Mark Populorum, VP Sales, 630-653-6471, mark.populorum@adventace.com


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the workshop, please contact us:


Mark Populorum, Global VP of Sales

Mark PicMark is Adventace’s Global VP of Sales.  He has provided sales training and sales management training to companies around the world.  His clients have included Ameritech, Catalyst USA, Computer Task Group, Genuity, Getronics, IBM, Imation, Merant and TransUnion.


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values