Generate Key Buyer Deliverables

Today’s sales methodologies help salespeople achieve the following outcomes from their sales calls:

  • Identify a buyer’s critical business issue, the causes behind it, and the capabilities the buyer needs to solve it,
  • Identify other key impacted individuals, especially those who’d play a key role in making a decision, and
  • Identify the sequence of events leading to a buy decision.

Enter Adventace SMS™, Where Methodology Meets Automation™, to help salespeople send the right customized sell cycle control letter (in email format) at the right time back to their buyer.

The salesperson simply makes a series of selections from pick lists, which result in SMS compiling the information to be included in their email.  Those selections include the buyer’s vertical market, their job title, the critical business issue the buyer has, and the appropriate sequence of events.  All the seller needs to do now is select the appropriate template, depending on where they are in their sell cycle, and SMS merges the data.

Adventace SMS Images.001

If the seller wishes to customize the email before sending it to the buyer, through our partnership with Conga they can easily edit any part of the letter within Salesforce (instead of having to email it to themselves!) and then send it.

This entire process can be completed in less than 2 minutes instead of the pre-SMS world, where they can take in excess of 2 hours.

The Sales Person can also easily generate a tool called an Impact Tree™, which shows the critical issues impacting their buyers and the inter dependence between them.  This tool is designed to be buyer facing, and we have had numerous Sales People tell us that their buyers, upon seeing it, have said, “You understand our business better than we do!”

Adventace SMS Images.002

The seller can also easily generate the sequence of events (aka Action Plan) leading to a buy decision.  This tool helps the Seller better define, manage, control, and shorten the sell cycle.  It is also used to better manage and work with the pre-sales support team.

Adventace SMS Images.003