Selling Point Solutions

So What is a Point Solution?

A point solution is a product or service that addresses a very specific need or finite set of needs. Rather than solving a broad set of problems for a diverse set of buyers, a point solution addresses the specific needs of an individual or department.  CAD software is a good example as it addresses the needs of an engineer or engineering department.

Pressure on the Sales Organization

Generally, selling point solutions puts particular pressure on the sales organization.  Individual sales tend to have a low price point and so require a relatively large number of sales wit short sell cycles to achieve revenue targets.  Sales professionals must therefore be “on top of their game.”  

Focus of Selling Point Solutions

Selling Point Solutions brings a laser focus to sales professionals.  They learn how to:

  • Effectively prospect to buyers who are “above the power line” to create a sufficient number of new opportunities each month to build and maintain a healthy pipeline.
  • Rather than “pitching product” or taking orders, sellers learn how to develop buyer needs with their differentiators in mind.
  • Assertively qualify their buyers.
  • By executing our Rapid Sell Cycle™ process, getting their buyers to agree to a prescriptive set of steps leading to a buy decision, which dramatically reduces sell cycle length.  
  • Conduct our QuickClose™ process to close more deals while increasing overall win rates.



Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values