Adventace Sales Management System™ for Sales Executives

When the decision was made by an executive team to adopt Salesforce as their CRM, they likely deemed it as an expensive decision, but one that held great promise, including a very positive ROI.  But over the course of time it turns into disappointment.  If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  Here’s what other sales executives tell us:

“Now that we have Salesforce, I just get the same bad information faster.”

“Where’s the ROI on this substantial investment?”

“It helps me see my world through the “rear view mirror”, not predict and manage to the future.”


Where Methodology Meets Automation®

The significance for your sales and sales management team is that the functions provided to them in SMS doesn’t just follow the workflow processes that you use to run your operation, but it also provides numerous strategic benefits to your entire team (such as automated generation of key buyer deliverables, pipeline management, and skill development).  This makes Salesforce an integral part of everyone’s jobs and dramatically improves adoption.

The significance to you is that SMS enables sales executives to surgically predict future performance, thereby allowing you to detect problems early on  that would otherwise impact results.  SMS then facilitates making proactive resolution to these problems possible.

It does this by providing key leading organization-wide performance metrics.  These “future looking” metrics determine the organization’s goal vs. actual performance in real time.

And how’s this for proactive management: With a simple click, executives can easily drill down into their organization to find out where difficulties exist in particular groups (such as a regional sales territory) or down to the individual contributor.  This further enables sales executives to then work proactively with their management team to alleviate potential problems and optimize performance.  Thus, SMS helps executives to better drive their entire sales operation top-down.

We have loved hearing about the impact that the Adventace Sales Management System has had.  And here are some comments from our clients:

“The Adventace Sales Management System has really helped with taking subjectivity out of pipeline management, forecasting, and sales management more generally.”

“It has changed the face of my communications with my regional VP’s because we are better able to proactively identify and deal with sales (management) challenges using metrics rather than opinion to guide our thinking.”

“We have seen significant global improvement in the metrics that deal with prospecting effectiveness, our ability to call high, and pipeline balance, which in turn has helped our top and bottom lines.”

“The Adventace Sales Management System app has been instrumental in helping me better run my sales operation. In particular, the accurate view I get on key performance metrics and pipelines helps me identify potential problems early and then work with my sales managers to get them fixed before they have a significant impact.”

“This app has been an important factor in helping us achieve our objectives, both financial and otherwise.”

Bob Junke

Founder & CEO, Adventace