Adventace Sales Management System™ for Sales People

So using your sales methodology and your sales tools, you prepare for a big call.  It goes like clockwork.  The buyer opens up and discusses a major business issue that they are dealing with.  You diagnose the issue and then prescribe capabilities that you are confident will differentiate you.  You finish the call by identifying the steps leading to a buy decision.  You leave the meeting knowing you have a high value, very qualified opportunity.  Great!

Now comes the part you hate:  You spend all sorts of frustrating time entering data into Salesforce because, well, you have to.  You see no real benefit but it’s a compliance “hammer” required by management.

Now you know that you should prepare an email for your buyer that summarizes all the great results from the call because:

  • Your buyer will be pleased and confident that you will be able to help them,
  • It will put you on the path to becoming a trusted advisor,
  • The buyer will use it as an internal selling vehicle, forwarding it to his/her colleagues, and
  • You can use it to better manage, control, and continuously qualify the opportunity.

But you’re already frustrated because of the time you’ve spent doing data entry, so instead of taking a couple hours to write your email you decide to go back and do what you love: Sell more!  As a result, time passes and the deal goes south.


Enter Adventace SMS™.  SMS has turned Salesforce into a competitive advantage for salespeople.  It revolutionizes the B2B sales interface, and makes utilizing Salesforce a breeze.  In only minutes, using our expert system interface, you click a series of selections and generate a custom sell cycle control email that summarizes all key need development elements you and your buyer discussed, including the critical issue, the causes for it, and the capabilities the buyer needs to resolve their issue.

It also summarizes the sequence of events you discussed that helps lead the buyer to the 100% confident conclusion that she should buy from you.

You even generate an Impact Tree™, showing the interdependence of the issues between your buyer and other key buyers.  You know that this will help pave the way for your buyer to give you access to the other key buyers you have identified.  It will also help your sales manager, and your sales support team, better understand the business issues you’ve identified and it will contribute toward helping you get the win faster and more effectively.

You then send your email to your buyer, who responds with a call saying, “You understand our business better than we do!”   And you know that you’ve made yourself their first choice!

These are the indispensable functions Adventace SMS™ provides to salespeople…functions that sales people say are “indispensable”.