For the first time, sales and sales management methodology is echoed in Salesforce through the Adventace SMS application.  For Newforma, the combination of Adventace LMS and Adventace SMS has driven effective solution selling instead of order taking.

Alan Facey

Chief Customer Officer

About Newforma

Newforma is a project information management (PIM) software company focused on helping companies in the AECO industry (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Building Owners) deliver more successful projects. Newforma software has been the foundation of a more collaborative project environment for more than 1.8 million design and construction projects worldwide.


Many companies using say that it isn’t adapted to the way their sales people, sales managers, and executives do business. Often times this simply results in companies continuing to get bad information more quickly. As Alan Facey, Newforma’s Chief Customer officer, put it, “Salesforce looks in the rear view mirror; it does not provide the methods necessary to tell the effectiveness of the sales team.” He went on to say, “Salesforce tells us what closed, but not whether we are doing the right things at the right time, making it difficult for management to draw the appropriate conclusions. This leaves you with a great deal of subjectivity.”


Alan and his team required both Adventace LMS and the Adventace SMS, our Salesforce-based app, provides Alan and his team with a comprehensive sales and sales management system.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the capabilities Adventace Methods and SMS provides Newforma:

  • Sales Executives: Through the use of surgical performance metrics, SMS helps executives better drive the sales operation top-down, with the ability to “drill down” into the organization, allowing early detection and proactive resolution of problems that could impact future results.
  • Sales Managers: SMS guides managers through opportunity assessment with the objective of early detection and resolution of gaps, determines sellers’ ideal pipelines then identifies gaps and recommends fixes, and automates seller skill assessment and development. It also provides Sales Management with real-time plan Vs. actual leading-sales metrics to better manage their sales operation.
  • Sellers: SMS automates the capture of all sales call results and generates key buyer-facing deliverables, and provides effective opportunity management and resource coordination.

Alan said, “SMS is the manifestation of our methodology within Salesforce, driving and supporting the desired behavior and business processes. Because of this it has driven success in very important tangible metrics designed to see where the business will be in the future (see specifics below). When problems are identified in metrics at my level, I can easily drill down to any level of the organization to proactively see where challenges exist, and work with the appropriate manager to resolve the issue today before becoming a real problem later.”

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