Bob Junke

Founder & now Board Advisor

Creator of Adventace LMS and Adventace SMS

Bob Junke

Bob Junke

Founder & Board Advisor

Bob Junke is the Founder and now a Board Advisor of Adventace. Bob’s vision was to create a global sales and sales management consulting firm whose objective would be to help clients Create the High Performance Sales Environment®, where they are able to achieve results that are highly predictable, measurable, and capable of being sustained, even in down markets. To achieve this, he developed a sales and sales management methodology, a supporting comprehensive Salesforce-based application, a thorough sales enablement program, and a change management process.

CEO of the Year

As the original CEO of Adventace, Bob was nominated by Industry Era Magazine as one of the “10 Best CEO’s of 2018.”

Industry Era based its selection on the “CEO’s vision, philosophy, experience and unique proposition.”


Bob is an Advisory Board member to Peppi’s Greek Gourmet, where he advises the CEO on a number of issues related to sales, marketing, and business matters in general. To help the CEO take the business to the next level, Bob designed and created their website from scratch.  


Bob brings his experience as a consultant, seller, sales manager, VP of Sales, General Manager, and CEO, to Adventace® clientele. He spent the past 25 years as a sales management consultant, helping clients on a worldwide basis. During this time he worked with clients in North America, Europe, the Asia/Pacific Region, and South America. In fact, he assisted his clients with several worldwide implementations of sales and sales management programs.

Some of those clients have included BMC Software, Cisco Systems, Computer Associates, CTG, Epsilon, Getronics, IBM, Logica, OpinionLab, Progress Software, QAD, Tandem Computers (now a division of HP), TransUnion, and Unisys.

Bob has trained and consulted to over 20,000 executives, managers, sellers, marketing personnel, sales enablement people, and consultants.

Selling Power TV Interview

At a Sales 3.0 Conference, Bob was interviewed by Selling Power’s CEO, Gerhard Gschwandtner.  The topic was The Seven Conditions to Create a High Performance Sales Environment.  

In addition to the Seven Conditions, Bob discussed the results Adventace clients achieved, including:

  • 647% increase in product sales,
  • 1900% improvement in key predictive metrics,
  • 575% increase in pipelines, and
  • 975% increase in contract values.

Click on the video image to the right to watch the interview.

Author of Best-Selling Book

Bob wrote the the best-selling sales management book, Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.   The book provides Sales Executives and Sales Managers with a systematic approach to help them drive sustained, metric-based performance improvement from the top-down.

The objective of the book is to empower Sales Executives and Sales Managers by giving them a proven set of processes, tools, and metrics. The result is that they are better able to drive their sales operations and create proactive sales cultures.

Complementing his “how to” analysis, Bob interweaves entertaining, highly relevant, and often humorous real-life experiences, all of which provide important lessons about how to Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.

To learn more click on Best-Seller.

Podcast Channel

Bob has spent over 25 years working with sales management from around the world.  In his podcast series he focuses on topics intended to help sales managers and sales executives dramatically boost the performance of their sales people and in fact their entire sales operation.

You can listen at Podcast.


Bob has had numerous articles published in top sales and sales management magazines.  Some of them include:

Top Sales Magazine

7 Conditions to Create a High Performance Sales Environment 

Selling Power

The Most Important Predictive Metric for Sales Management 

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Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Pipeline Improvement


Increase in Contract Values