Sales Executives

Every Sales Executive has a dream of building a high performance sales environment, culture, and team, yet have no idea how to do it. Your system and book is the only one I've seen that can get them there.

David Kopf

Vice President of Sales

Sales Culture

Many Sales Executives are concerned about the culture within their sales operations. Inaccurate forecasts, the huge push at quarter-end and year-end to close deals, inconsistent pipelines, turnover of top performers, and managers selling instead of managing are just some of the characteristics of a poor sales culture that results in an underperforming operation (see our blog post Twenty Five Signs of a Bad Sales Culture).

Most inherit and simply “live with it” because they are uncertain about how to achieve the sustainable performance that a positive, proactive sales culture can help them achieve.

But over the past 20+ years we have developed and refined the sales enablement processes, tools, and metrics required to help Sales Executives Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.  You can learn more about the seven conditions or building blocks necessary at Create High Performance.  We help you take significant steps with the two programs described below:

If you don't know where you're going any road'll take you there

Programs for Executives

We provide two programs for Executives.  At the “front end” we provide our Executive Leadership Workshop.  It is designed to help you identify areas within your sales operation (and the organizations that interface with it, such as Marketing) where you may have suboptimal performance.  We then determine the course of action required to rectify those problems.  As we help you take a holistic approach to running your sale operation, there may be additional programs that we recommend, such as High Performance Sales Management.

As a roll-out commences, our second program for Executives, Change Management, “kicks in.”  Here we make sure that you are achieving anticipated results.  If we identify areas of suboptimal performance, we work with you to rectify it.

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership Workshop

The purpose of the Executive Leadership Workshop is to provide the Executive Team with:

  • A definition of and roadmap to the creation of a high performance sales culture
  • The role Executives play and the processes and tools needed to drive the operation top-down
  • The implications in terms of revenue increases, cost of sales decreases, reduced staff turnover, etc.
  • A straight forward approach to implement processes for sellers and sales management
  • A roadmap to measurably improve both the skills and performance of every salesperson and sales manager
  • A program designed to explicitly reinforce a winning sales culture
  • The parameters of success Executives should strive to achieve and the tools to measure them.
Change Management

Change Management Program

Our globally proven change management system will help you quickly and for the long-term achieve anticipated results!  We accomplish this by helping you measure to critical predictive metrics.  We will help you determine your organizational baseline, the progress you should make, and then guide, evaluate, and modify your approach to manifest the desired improvements.  Where gaps are identified will help you determine what needs to be done today to ensure that objectives are met tomorrow.



Our metrics, including as high as a 647% increase in sales, are quite compelling, and reveal the value of and retention from the programs.
Lutz Feldmann

Worldwide Sales Certification Program Manager, SolidWorks


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values