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Thanks Adventace!  Our accomplishments have been extraordinary:

  • Largest contract size nearly quadrupled & contract size nearly doubled
  • 78% of my sellers achieved quota
  • New license sales grew by 91%
  • Finished Q1 of next fiscal year at 143% of plan
  • Sellers are comfortable calling 2 levels higher.
Ronald Put

VP Sales, Aldon Computer Group


Increase in Product Sales


Improvement in Performance Metrics


Increase in Pipelines


Increase in Contract Values

Selling Solutions

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  Per Year

  • State-of-the-art learning experience results in “the delivery of world class online sales training
  • Learn more & achieve highest retention rates possible
  • Understand and anticipate buyer behavior
  • Proactively identify opportunities & generate leads
  • Effectively develop buyer needs
  • Qualify buyers & determine their ability to buy
  • Acquire a comprehensive set of repeatable processes aligned with B2B sales
  • Benefits include increased win rates, increased average revenue per sale, and shorter sell cycles

Course Video Examples


Selling Solutions provides a state-of-the-art learning experience for Sales Professionals, which results in “the delivery of world class online sales training.”  The combination of “live” instructor video embedded throughout training modules combined with the highest of quality animation comes as close to instructor-led training as possible and delivers a peak learning experience.  The result is that learners learn more and experience the highest retention rates possible.

This helps Sales Professionals achieve the true purpose of the Selling Solutions course, which is to provide them with a deep understanding of their buyers and how to sell to them, backed by a comprehensive set of repeatable processes.


Benefits include increased win rates, increased average revenue per sale, and shorter sell cycles.  Here are some of the successes our clients have achieved:

  • SolidWorks increased product sales by as much as 647%
  • TransUnion sealed a $25M deal while their account execs achieved “Trusted Advisor” status
  • OpinionLab won contracts with 137 “targeted logos”
  • Newforma achieved revenue targets eight consecutive quarters
  • Epsilon tripled their win rate.

Major Topics

Major topics include:

  • The Key Tenets of Selling
  • Model on how People Buy
  • The "Big Picture" of the Sales Methodology
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Prospecting
  • Why, When, and How to Conduct a Call Introduction
  • Need Development
  • Qualifying
  • Sell Cycle Management and Control.

To get a deeper profile of the course, just watch the Introduction to Selling Solutions video above.  

Course Content

Course content is provided below:



  • The Key Tenets of Selling
  • Buyers Experience Four Levels of Need
  • Critical Business Issue ("CBI") Assignment
  • Selling Above the Power Line & the A/B Ratio
  • Selling Above the Power Line Manager’s Guide
  • A CBI's Impact Spans the Organization & an Impact Tree for Point Solutions
  • Impact Tree for a Complex Solution
  • Unit Test: The Key Tenets of Selling


  • How People Buy
  • Unit Test: How People Buy


  • The Big Picture of Selling Solutions
  • Unit Test: The Big Picture of Selling Solutions


  • When and How Will We Use Impact Trees?
  • Impact Tree Assignment
  • Unit Test: Impact Trees


  • Increase the Probability of Making Quota 3X Using Social Selling


  • Prospecting: The 4 Tenets and the 4 Quadrants
  • Prospecting Demonstration & Role-Play Assignment


  • Call Introduction


  • Intro to Solution Development: 2 Categories of Buyer. 2 Processes.
  • Solution Evolution: Identify the CBI
  • Prospecting Through Identify CBI Demonstration & Role-Play
  • Solution Evolution: Discovery & Confirmation
  • Solution Evolution Demonstration and Role-Play


  • Qualification During a Sales Call: The Strategy
  • Identifying “Below the Power Line” Buyers
  • Qualifying Buyers “Below the Power Line”
  • Qualification Role-Play
  • Introduction to Qualifying “Above the Power Line” Buyers


4 reviews for Selling Solutions

  1. Michael Patterson

    I have successfully completed Selling Solutions as a veteran sales representative and current sales manager to continue to hone my skills. I must say, it is the the strongest and most comprehensive training I have ever been a part of. The online training is the strongest I have seen to date. The modules are both well put together and very comprehensive. I have done several instructor-led trainings with some well know organizations and I find both the material and the online training to be significantly stronger. Participants have the ability to take the trainings when it is convenient for them which allows for the participants to dedicate their full attention to the training. I have found myself several times going back to different modules for refreshers and to see if the message might resonate in a different way because I find the training so strong.

    Bob and his team do a great job explaining all of the different terminology in a very clear and concise way. They do a great job using examples and role plays to drive home the message. Using examples with a clear training allow you to take that message and relay it to whatever product or service you are selling.

    I would fully recommend this training to any manager, VP, or business owner who is looking to create a high powered and hungry sales force.

  2. Jim Suszka, SVP Sales, Power Reviews (verified owner)

    Both Selling Solutions and Selling Point Solutions have been great sales courses for my team. To a person they have improved their performance, especially when it comes to “gaining access to power”.

    Also, Adventace has really cracked the code for online training. These courses are as close to traditional instructor-lead training as you can get. They use state-of the-art technology that embeds “live” un-interrupted instructor training across their videos combined with great animation, which truly adds to the quality, absorption, and understanding of the training on the part of our sales people and sales managers. It really maximizes the learning experience and keeps your focus at peak level. I recommend these courses for any B2B seller or sales manager.

  3. Chris Reid, VP Sales

    I have used Selling Solutions at three different companies, and each time the results significantly outpaced the expense. The online classes are easy to understand and provided each participant with the freedom to go at their own pace, practice, and go back if something needed additional attention. It also provided the team with common nomenclature. It is easier to have group discussions when everyone understands and embraces critical terminology. It is without question worth the investment.

  4. Toni Hill, CEO, Exceptional Designs

    Selling Solutions has paid for itself many times! I’ve taken many sales training classes. Not only was Selling Solutions the best course that I’ve ever taken, but the online learning environment was exceptional. I watched videos, practiced, and learned on my time and at my pace. I really appreciated being able to go back and listen to what the instructor said as many times as I wanted. I absorbed – and applied – so much.

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