Conga Solution Installation Procedure for Customers

After you have installed and configured Adventace SMS, you should execute the following procedure to install the Conga Letters of Understanding Templates:

  1. Install the latest version of Conga Composer from the AppExchange for all users
  2. Install Conga eMigrator for all users.  This is not a managed package on the AppExchange, and the Apex Class used is custom for Adventace SMS. You should install it from the following link: Conga eMigrator.  Installation time will vary based on traffic.  This will impact the installation procedure.  If package installs quickly enough (about a minute, select button “Extract Conga Solutions”

If Conga eMigrator installs quickly, as it will in most cases, you will see the following page and should follow the steps below: 

1. Select Button “Extract Conga Solutions”

2.  You will see the image below.  Select button “Add Remote Site”

3. As shown below, a new window will open entitled, Remote Site Edit.  Select the Save button and then select Close to close the window.

4. As shown below, a new window will open entitled, Conga Solution Extractor.  Select the button entitled, “Create Conga Composer Buttons”.  Then, unless you wish to change the name of the button that users will see, select Done. 


5. You will be taken back to the Installed Packages window, where you can now uninstall the Conga eMigrator package.

6. Now it is time to add the “Send Conga Email” button to the Impacted Job title Detail page, which sellers will use to send their Conga-based emails.  Therefore, choose Setup | Appsetup | Create |Objects, and scroll down to the Impacted Job Title object, and select the link. Scroll to the Page Layouts section, and select Edit for the page layout named Impacted Individual Layout.  

7. Referring to the image below, Drag the button entitled “Send SMS Email” off of the page.  Select “Buttons” in the gray box at the top entitled, Impacted Individual Layout.  You will see a button named “Send Conga Email”.  Drag that button to the Custom Button area and select Save.

If the Conga eMigrator package does not install quickly:

  1. You will receive a message indicating that will send you an email when the installation has been completed.  Normally this will take only a couple of minutes longer.  
  2. After receiving the email from indicating the package has completed its installation, ensure you are logged into your instance, then go to installed packages page (Setup | AppSetup | Deploy | Installed Packages)
  3. Select “Configure” for the Conga eMigrator
  4. Follow steps 1-7 above.