Conga Installation Instructions for Developers

IF we need to change a template:

  1. Go to the tab Conga Email Templates
  2. Select the link to template you need to change
  3. You will see the Conga Email Template Detail page, where you should select the Advanced Editor button
  4. Make your changes in the Advanced Editor
  5. When completed, check the box “Save Template Body to attachment” in upper left corner
  6. Then select the Save button in the upper right corner.  This will take you out of the Advanced Editor and back to the Conga Email Template Detail page
  7. Referring to the Notes & Attachments related list at the bottom of the page, select View Link, which downloads the file to your computer
  8. Go to the Documents tab and select the folder named “Email (ADVSMS__Impacted_Job_Title__c)”
  9. Select the template you wish to update
  10. Select Replace Documents
  11. Follow the steps to upload the new file and then select Replace Document.

IF we need to add another template to SMS’s Conga solution, follow the steps above but instead of selecting the Replace Document button in step 10, select the “New Document” button and follow the steps to upload a document.

NOTE 1: When completing the Document Unique NAME, the name MUST follow this format: Mass_Batch_ CET_[unique template name following the naming convention]. Follow naming convention.

NOTE 2: Description Field will be the Subject Line in the email

NOTE 3: The Keyword Field must be “SMS”