Ultimately, to get the most out of your CRM, sales people need to view CRM as a central repository to help them manage their business and, maybe more importantly, as a tool that can actually help them sell. One thing we consistently hear from sales people and management is the importance of sending high quality ‘meeting recap’ emails. Everyone agrees it is important for many reasons: demonstrates professionalism, helps to differentiate, ensures everyone is ‘on the same page’, etc. However, this is where rubber hits the road –taking the time to write the email! It does take time, effort, and the need to be a good writer. Sales people, and the prospect, should expect that the email is well written, accurately reflects the Critical Business Issue(s) discussed, the Causes of the Critical Business Issue, the ‘Solution’ the buyer agreed that they need to resolve the Critical Business Issue(s), agreed-upon next steps, etc, etc, etc. Enter Adventace SMS. Now, in a matter of minutes, using our expert system interface, you select from a series of drop-down menus, make appropriate edits, and generate a sell cycle control letter/email that summarizes:

·       All key Need Development elements you and your buyer discussed

·       An Action Plan, identifying the sequence of events leading to a buy decision

·       An Impact Tree™, showing the interdependence of the issues between key buyers.

You select the appropriate email template, generate your email, and send it to your buyer, who responds with a call saying, “You understand our business better than we do!”   And you know you have made yourself their first choice!  These are the indispensable functions Adventace SMS provides sales people.  Functions sellers have called, “indispensable”.

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