“Glocal” Instruction

No, “glocal” is not a typo!  It simply means that we specialize in the global delivery of our services through a network of locally-based instructors.  In fact, we now deliver in 11 languages through a network of 40+ facilitators.

Instructor Expertise

Our instructors average 25+ years of experience. Over 90% have very strong direct experience in:

  • Complex, multi-product solution sales
  • Consulting
  • Sales management.

Many of our instructors have held CXO positions.

Local Facilitation

We believe that local facilitation is an essential success ingredient. Importantly, locally based instructors are able to better communicate with students. They are also quite capable of making the adaptations necessary based on the local culture. This also minimizes the costs to our clients.

Team Preparation and Enablement (Train the Trainer Program)

We provide a senior team of highly focused instructors who have been trained in our client’s:

  • Products, services, and solutions.
  • Buyers, along with the critical business issues confronting them.
  • The specifics of how to teach each of the programs offered.

We work closely with our client to identify our team of instructors.

Train the Trainer webinars, which will be recorded for subsequent review and study, will be conducted to train our facilitation team on the specifics of a client engagement. Optimally, webinars are facilitated by both client personnel and our project directors, depending on the topic. We also provide instruction to our team about client specifics: Its goals, objectives, how this project fits in their overall plan, products, services, solutions, etc. We also conduct webinars to train our facilitators in the delivery of specific DSS programs.

Further, initial programs are facilitated by the project directors. Other members of the facilitation team will participate as Instructor Assistants to complete their training to deliver as facilitators for a specific client engagement.

Note that we also prepare custom training videos that cover the most challenging training topics.

“Rapid Instructor On-Boarding Process” 

If a client needs:

  • An Adventace facilitator in a location where we currently have none, and/or
  • Adventace to fulfill a currently non-supported language, then we will apply our Instructor On-Boarding Process.

The Rapid Instructor On-Boarding Process works as follows:

  • Rapid Identification. We utilize numerous sources to identify candidates. Those sources include our client’s management team, our extensive network of contacts through our company network, and advertising via social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Rapid Interview & Selection. Interviews are conducted on the telephone. On numerous occasions we have also traveled to location to meet candidates and make a final selection.
  • Rapid Training. instructor training begins via introductory discussions with our project team directors and our client. This is quickly followed by webinars, and a review of our video library. The new instructor next attends a workshop as a student, then as an instructor assistant, and then as an instructor. In the meantime, they are required to prepare a detailed lesson plan. Finally, they must pass a certification test. 
  • Safety Net. When an instructor conducts his or her first workshop, the project director or other senior person acts as an instructor’s assistant or co-instructor to help them fine-tune their delivery.