Holistic Sales & Sales Management Methodology



Challenges Facing Sales Operations

“The investment we made in sales training was wasted.  Our sellers reverted in no time.  We should have supported them better.”

“Our Sales Managers are former sales eagles themselves and really don’t know how to coach their Sellers to develop their skills, spot problems on opportunities early, or help them manage and balance their pipelines.”

“As the Global VP of Sales, I need to be able to be able to better drive my operation top-down.



Our methodology provides a top-down, holistic approach to running the entire sales operation.  It helps executives create a successful sales culture based on continuous metric-driven performance improvement.

It consists of sales and sales management processes, tools, and knowledge repository integrated into a holistic methodology. It is designed to impact the entire sales operation.

The methodology has been described by our clients as being both very deep and very broad. This represents great advantage to our clients because we design custom programs based on the requirements of their sales and management team.  Thus, we are able to draw from this extensive methodology to rapidly “pull together” highly customized training programs.

The layered approach in the diagram depicts the critical targeted groups the methodology is designed to help. Those layers and the programs within are briefly described below.


Executive Leadership

The key program in the executive layer is Executive Leadership: Optimizing Your Sales Operation. The key objectives are to help Executives understand how to Create the High Performance Sales Environment®, where they can confidently achieve their growth objectives, predictable results, and help their sellers and sales managers measurably improve their performance.

It also helps Executives identify the key leading performance metrics they should track, provides a proven transition approach, shows them the key role they play in a successful implementation, how to resolve a number of complex sales and sales management difficulties, and the results they can expect. 


Sales Management

The sales management layer is designed to help both direct sales managers and channel managers. For direct sales managers, we provide a program entitled, High Performance Sales Management. In this program, sales managers learn the Four Pillars of Sales Management:

    1. Opportunity assessment and management
    2. Pipeline balance and management, along with forecasting
    3. Skill development
    4. Metrics and continuous performance improvement.

For channel managers we provide a program entitled, High Performance Channel Management. In this program, channel managers learn the Four Pillars of Channel Management:

    1. Territory and partner optimization
    2. Partner engagement and recruiting
    3. Partner management
    4. Tactical field management.



The sales component of the methodology provides sales people with both planning and execution programs. These programs include:

    • Planning 
      • Territory Planning
      • Account Planning & Management Program (AMP)
    • Execution 
      • Prospecting
      • Introduction to Selling Solutions
      • Winning Major Opportunities (WMO)
      • High Performance Negotiating.

Our methodology has been translated into 11 languages.

The image to the right is from a workshop in Amsterdam, showing students, who were from four continents, role-playing.


Client Success

“In the past we considered a $1M deal to be large. Now, in one quarter in one region we closed 3-$10M deals and 1-$20M deal.”

“Our largest contract award size nearly quadrupled, average contract size nearly doubled, 78% of my sellers achieved quota, new license sales grew by 91%, and we finished the first quarter of our new fiscal year at 143% of plan.”

“Our MAE’s are being told by their customers that, ‘You really understand our business. You are really in touch with our organization.’  This would not have happened without the approach we have taken. We are viewed as being far more consultative than we have ever been.”

“My sales people are now comfortable calling two levels higher.”


You can take a look at specific client results at Adventace® Client Success Stories.



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