I am very pleased to announce that I have finished writing our book, Create the High Performance Sales Environment®.  It was sent to the editor yesterday. 

Here are the chapters from the Table of Contents:

Preface: A London Rainstorm Provides Inspiration?
1.   What Is A High Performance Sales Environment?
2.   Take The Test. Where Is Your Sales Operation?
3.   Approach To Create The High Performance Sales Environment®
4.   Buying Model
5.   Sales Methodology
6.   Opportunity Stages
7.   Surgical Performance Metrics
8.   Roles And Responsibilities Of Sales Managers
9.   Opportunity Assessment
10.  Sales Pipeline Management And Forecasting
11.  Skill Development
12.  Continuous Improvement
13.  Pulling It All Together With A Supporting CRM
14.  The Role Of Executives And Adoption Decisions
15.  Conclusion: It’s Up To You To Make It Happen!

Stay tuned for publication details!