“We want to see measurable value out of our CRM investment.”

Sound familiar? Most corporate CRM’s don’t align with their business processes. The net result is that sales operations don’t get the “bang for the buck” they anticipated, nor do they achieve predicted sales goals and productivity gains.  

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Automation of Adventace’s End-to-End Sales & Sales Management Methodology
We help our clients Create the High Performance Sales Environment® through our holistic, end-to-end sales and sales management methodology. This methodology delivers predictable results, measurable and sustainable performance improvement, and confidence that expected results can be achieved. Historically our clients have outperformed past results by a factor of at least 2 to 1. Through partnership with Salesforce.com and their AppExchange, we have automated our entire methodology into the Adventace Sales Management System (SMS). This application is a complete, end-to-end sales management system. It helps executives better drive their entire sales operation top-down through use of key leading performance metrics. It helps sales managers better manage sales people and improve their skills, while running a better operation. Its expert functions make it an indispensable differentiator and time saver for sales people, allowing them to generate key buyer deliverables in minutes while better managing their opportunities.

For Sales Executives
Using operationally critical leading performance metrics, executives are better able to drive their entire sales operation top-down. These metrics determine the organization’s Goal Vs. Actual performance in real time. And how’s this for proactive management: With a simple click, executives can easily drill down into their organization to find out where group or individual performance difficulties exist, then work with management to optimize performance.

For Sales Managers
To help managers we automated our highly touted 4 Pillars of Sales Management™.  A profile of some of the key functions follows:

  • Pipeline Management: Based on well defined, “no wiggle room” opportunity stages, SMS performs a complete pipeline analysis. It determines a seller’s optimal pipeline goals for each stage and whether gaps exist. It then provides a color-coded pipeline so managers can make surgical pipeline recommendations.
  • Forecast Management: A 30/60/90 day forecast is provided, weighted by stage.
  • Skill Development: Complete skill development systems are provided to help sellers, sales managers, channel managers, and senior sales managers. Here, managers grade an individual in each key skill related to their job function. SMS then provides Personal Development Plans to help managers measurably improve an individual’s performance, helping to unlock their potential.
  • Opportunity Assessment: Managers are able to quickly identify early where problems exist on opportunities and identify the appropriate fix.

For Sales People
So, you get back from a great sales call. You spend all sorts of frustrating time entering data into your CRM because, well, you have to. Then, rather than spending two or three hours preparing a sell cycle control letter that you know you really need to get to your buyer, instead you decide to hit the phones. Enter Adventace® SMS. Now, in a matter of minutes, using our expert system interface, you click a series of selections and generate a sell cycle control letter that summarizes:

  • All key Need Development elements you and your buyer discussed
  • An Action Plan, identifying the sequence of events leading to a buy decision
  • An Impact Tree™, showing the interdependence of the issues between key buyers.

You can then select the appropriate email template, generate your email, and send it to your buyer, who responds with a call saying, “You understand our business better than we do!”.   And you know you have made yourself their first choice! These are the indispensable functions Adventace SMS™ provides sales people…functions sellers have called “indispensable”.