Sales Executive Endorsements


David Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure, EMC Corporation: 

I highly recommend this book for any Sales Executive or Sales Manager. As an early adopter of Bob’s processes and tools prior to joining EMC, I can attest that they work well in the field, and he has continued to hone them through his work with clients globally. This unique book will empower Sales Management by providing the roadmap needed to create a proactive sales culture. A must read!

James Suszka, Director of Sales, Balihoo: 

I was one of Bob’s first clients. It was my first senior management position and I really wanted to standardize the way we sold and managed. I interviewed all the leaders in this field. Bob Junke was selected because I enjoyed the way he sold to me, his passion and experience in real sales environments, and because his methods were current with today’s sales management challenges.

Bob helped us put a highly effective sales and sales management methodology in place across the world. The results were phenomenal. Since then I have worked with Bob over the years and seen the methodology grow and stay ahead of the pack. He has captured the essence in his book. Any salesperson aspiring to be a sales manager, sales managers, and sales executives should read this book and view it as the Bible for how to run a sales operation.

Lynn Clement, Regional Vice President, Right Management: 

We operate in a very challenging world of work. Bob provides a systematic approach to linking sales strategy, sales execution and sales talent to accelerate organization and client success. A must read for organizations and sales leaders! 

John C. Gregitis, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Infor: 

World-class sales and sales leadership comes down to the fundamentals. The more we drift from that concept the more trouble we experience. Work ethic, process, precision and measurement are present in every highly successful sales management professional. Bob has captured the essence of what it takes to succeed in this increasingly competitive profession. My teams and I have personally benefited immeasurably from Bob’s insight, experience, his programs, and now his book.