Sales Executives

  • Using a Performance Metrics Dashboard, executives should monitor and drive the operation top-down towards improving their organization’s A/B Ratio.   This includes “drilling down” the organization to discover where gaps exist in Actual Vs. Goal performance against the Ratio.
  • Where gaps are identified, Executives must proactively work with the management team to make sure the appropriate skill development program is put in place for under performers.
  • Executives should align compensation plans with metric based performance improvement expectations for both managers and sellers.


  • Using the “Skill Development plan for Sales Call Qualification“, managers should carefully work with sellers to improve their ability to qualify during the sales call.
  • Using the Sales Call Script, frequent role-playing of the qualification portion of the sales call (steps 5-8) is an essential component of the plan.


  • Prospecting Above the Power Line!  Too many sales people call low and stay low.  Sellers should review their prospect list with managers to ensure they are calling at and at least one level above the power line.
  • Sellers must also exercise assertive qualification on sales calls to determine if they are below the power line and, if below, negotiate to gain access to power.

So by following this integrated plan an organization can achieve tremendous results, not just in an improved A/B Ratio, but in many more wins, dramatically improved pipelines, and a huge impact on individual careers and ultimately the entire sales organization.