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The Impact Tree (“IT”) helps Sales People win complex sales to buying committees.  This buyer-facing tool builds and shows the interdependence of the critical business issues impacting key buyers.

In the past Sellers called on people who were too low in the buyer organization.  This negatively impacted their ability to win because key decision makers were left out of the sale.  But now sellers can easily generate and use the IT as a buyer-facing tool.  The IT can then be used in a number of ways to help the sale:

  • If the Seller called too low, the IT can be used to show a “below the power line” buyer why providing access to “power” is key.
  • It helps the seller integrate a group of buyers into a committee, driving them toward a common purpose and eliminating the “herding cats” aspect of a complex sale.
  • It helps the Seller demonstrate how problems at one level of an organization impact buyers further up in the organization, causing them to have problems.  In turn, this helps the Seller demonstrate that by empowering buyers at one level of the organization, they empower those at the top of the organization.  And, of course, it is those buyers at the top who have the real authority and money to buy.
  • When a Sales Person shows a group of buyers an IT, it empowers them with their buyers.  We are commonly told by Sales People that their buyers tell them, “You understand our business better than we do!”
  • It helps them build relationships with higher-level buyers who view them as Trusted Advisors.

Impact Tree New

Impact Tree™ Showing the Interdependent Issues for a Five-Person Buying Committee


In addition to helping the Seller to better communicate with their buyers, the IT also helps Sales Management to better understand the opportunity, assist the Seller, and identify gaps or problems on the opportunity early so they can work together to successfully resolve them.

The IT also helps the Sales Person communicate with pre-sales support personnel, making it easy to help them understand the buyers they will be dealing with during the sell cycle.

If you’d like to see SMS in action, then take a look at our short video at Adventace SMS™.