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The Adventace Sales Management System™ (SMS) now supports both standard and advanced multi-currency capability.

If a company runs standard multi-currency, that means that they utilize fairly static currency translation rates.   If a company utilizes advanced multi-currency, it means that they change currency translation rates quite frequently.  Regardless of a client’s choice, SMS supports either.   We believe that this support is a very positive differentiator for a client engaged in international business.

Think of a global company where a sales person in the UK has opportunities in a number of currencies (British Pounds, Euros, the Swedish Krona, for example).  That seller normally will want those opportunities recorded in the local currency (for pragmatic things like providing a quote in the buyers currency).  But they will also want to view their pipeline with the opportunities rolled up in the currency they have defined as their “Personal Currency” to get an accurate view of pipeline balance and their forecast.  In turn, if this seller reports to a manager in France, that manager will want all opportunities translated into Euros, right up the line to global HQ, which may need to see everything in US dollars.  SMS handles deftly, to the penny (or whatever the currency is).

Whether its Opportunity Management, Pipeline Management, Forecasting, or Reporting, SMS handles a company’s currency translations.

Adventace SMS is a complete, end-to-end sales management system. It helps executives better drive their entire sales operation top-down through use of key leading performance metrics. It helps sales managers better manage sales people and improve their skills, while running a better operation. Its expert functions make it an indispensable differentiator and time saver for sales people, allowing them to generate key buyer deliverables in minutes while better managing their opportunities.