First there was Solution Selling®. Then came Challenger™. Now there’s Visionary Selling™.

Visionary Selling™recognizes that there are two predominant types of B2B buyer. Each type has very different needs, and consequently each type desires a very different relationship with sales people.

Importantly, each requires execution of very different sales processes on the part of sales people. This makes it the most exciting time ever to be a sales person!

Join me for a 15-minute webinar, Visionary Selling: The New Strategy for B2B Sales, on June 1 at either 9:00 EDT or 12:00 EDT. We’ll discuss:

  • The two types of buyers that now dominate B2B sales,
  • The different relationship each type of buyer seeks to have with sales people, along with their needs, and
  • The new sales strategy designed to help your sales team successfully sell to both.

You can follow this link to register: Visionary Selling™.

See you then!