The Adventace Sales Management System (“SMS”), our award-winning Salesforce application, has been nominated for the prestigious Bluewolf The Future Now Awards. The Future Now Awards celebrates the world’s most innovative companies using Salesforce. Bluewolf says, “Winning The Future Now Awards puts you among the creative leaders who go above and beyond customers’ expectations. The Future Now Awards is the ultimate achievement in customer and employee engagement. It truly is the award to win within the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Wish us luck!

And here are some great testimonials about the benefits of SMS:

We’ve seen significant global improvement in metrics dealing with prospecting effectiveness, ability to call high, and pipeline balance, which has helped our top and bottom lines.  

Salesforce looks in the rear view mirror; it does not provide the methods necessary to tell the effectiveness of the sales team. SMS allows us to see into the future and proactively make mid-course corrections.

For the first time, sales and sales management methodology is echoed in Salesforce.

It has changed the face of communications with my regional VP’s because we are better able to proactively identify and deal with sales management challenges using metrics rather than opinion.

By using SMS’s pipeline metrics, we identify not only sales people with imbalances, but specifically what those imbalances are and then work with our sellers to quickly fix them. 

The use of the A/B Ratio performance metric has helped us identify sales people who are calling too low in an account so that we can coach them on prospecting at a higher level or work with them to improve their ability to negotiate for access to power. 

SMS has been an important factor in helping us achieve our objectives, both financial and otherwise.