The Sales Enablement Effectiveness Gap

Sales Enablement Gap is "Massive"

The Sales Enablement Effectiveness Gap is “Massive”

Heinz Marketing recently conducted a study on Sales Enablement.  They said, “New research shows a massive gap between the importance and effectiveness of sales enablement.”

We’ve had extensive experience helping customers with Sales Enablement. Here’s our view on some of the main reasons as to why the gap exists:

  • It cannot be viewed in the narrow context of content generation
  • It requires more than “Executive Leadership”.  We believe it requires nothing less than “Executive Ownership.”
  • It is all too common for content to be generated about the wrong buyers!
  • Sales Enablement is not a one-off project.  It requires an ongoing, continuous, dedicated effort.
  • Without the right dedicated multi-disciplinary team, the effort tends to produce sub-par content.
  • Technology must be used to deliver Sales Enablement Tools with the right content at the right time in the right format.  This is not common enough today.
  • Without appropriate coaching from sales managers, the effort will fail.

The Big Picture of Sales Enablement

To help overcome the the Sales Enablement Effectiveness Gap, we have built a “big picture” of what it takes to make Sales Enablement successful.  It is shown below.

The Big Picture of Sales Enablement

In the coming weeks we will discuss each element in the big picture.  Here are some of the questions we’ll answer:

  • Why must Executives own Sales Enablement?
  • What should managers do to coach their sellers to maximize the impact of Sales Enablement and Sales Enablement Tools?
  • Why is the Sales Enablement Manager role critically important?
  • What buyer insights and buyer questions must be answered to build necessary content?
  • What Sales Enablement Tools are necessary?
  • How should an organization make sure they deliver the right content at the right time in the right format?
  • Who should be on the sales enablement team?
  • What Sales Enablement Metrics should be used to determine success?
  • What functions should Sales Enablement Software provide, and can those functions be provided through CRM?


You can take a deeper look at our approach and the services we provide for Sales Enablement.

If you’d like to see how Sales Enablement integrates with CRM take a look at the Adventace Sales Management Systems™.